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FAQs About Weekly Classes

Are these classes suitable for everyone?
Everyone can benefit from an internal practice that reduces stress, increases mental stability and leads to lasting peace. So, yes, the classes are suitable for anyone who is interested.

Do I need any particular experience in meditation to attend these classes?
No prior experience in meditation is required. The classes provide an opportunity for you to train in meditation and to gradually improve your ability to concentrate on one object.

Do I need any background knowledge of Buddhism?
Our aim is to explain Buddhism in a straightforward manner so that it can be easily applied in daily life.  Familiarity with Buddhist concepts is not necessary to attend our classes.

Do I need to register in advance?
You can drop-in to any of our classes without pre-registration except for our Foundation and Teacher Training study programs

Is there any specific clothes I should wear ?
Feel free to wear whatever clothes you find comfortable

Are we sitting on the floor ?
You can sit on the floor or in a chair. We have plenty of room for everyone.

Are there class discounts for regularly attending students ?
Kuluta Buddhist Centre offers a Centre Card, which costs $40 and covers 5 General Program classes.  Cards are available for purchase from the Centre’s bookstore.